HopeChest Partnership Leader Spotlight: Joy Gammill, Guatemala

Our HopeChest Partnership Leaders are passionate about God’s call to care for the vulnerable and orphaned. They work tirelessly overseeing sponsorship, engaging sponsors and aiding in the deepening of relationship between the sponsoring community and the CarePoint they serve.

Today we are very excited to introduce you to Joy Gammill, HopeChest Partnership Leader for the Camino al Cielo CarePoint in Guatemala. 

1. What lead you to become a HopeChest Partnership Leader?

Insanity, craziness, no just kidding. Through the time I served as a Children’s Pastor God laid on my heart to care for the orphaned and vulnerable and he clearly told me it wouldn’t happen at the current place we were living. As I researched for a sponsorship program for our pastor God led me to fill the role as HopeChest Partnership Leader as I kept coming back to HopeChest. I remember saying it hesitantly & sorta laughing as I knew it was God pushing me, pushing me to trust him as I had no idea what I was doing.

2. Tell us about your favorite moment traveling to your CarePoint.

So many to choose from… I think of Sarita, one of the CarePoint staff members. I invited her to have dinner with the team at our hotel. While she was there we played Spicy Farkle and had really good conversations. I asked her if she wanted to be called Sara or Sarita. She responded that her family calls her Sarita. I said, “then I will call you Sarita,” She was beaming. I see her as my sister and she is my family. To think we go there in the mindset to make sure we give each one of them value, it’s done even more so in return.

3. If you were auditioning for The Voice, what song would you choose and who would you want to be your coach?

Oh that’s tough! I’d say the song Rooftops by Hillsong. All my trips have ended with this song while in Guatemala as it’s become a life song for me. I’d want Adam Levine as he’s so talented and has a voice & sound like no other.

4. What’s the biggest challenge you face as a HopeChest Partnership Leader?

Getting sponsors who don’t attend faithfully or check communications about getting packages ready to send to their sponsored children. If that’s the worst I ever have to deal with, I’ll take it!!

5. What are your dreams and hopes for your CarePoint?

I hope for all the students to not only gain an incredible education but that they come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. That they grow in Him all their days.

I hope that all the parents, guardians, relatives come to know Christ as well because of the Kingdom work God is doing in and through HopeChest and Camino al Cielo (CAC).

I hope that God continues to use CAC to better the surrounding towns that they may thrive in God’s richness as He meets every single need. My they then become the hands and feet to continue the ripple effect in Guatemala and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get your community or church involved with Children’s HopeChest visit our Community-to-Community page.