Despair to Dignity: Immaculate’s Story

My name is Immaculate and I live in the Nyada community in Uganda. Before Children’s HopeChest picked me from my undesirable condition to a desirable one, life was very difficult and sometimes I would even wish my parents would not have given birth to me.

My parents were not able to provide all my basic needs, such as school fees, food, medical care, or shelter. I remember one day, I fell so sick and my parents couldn’t afford to take me to the health center. My condition was getting worse because they had no money to pay for my treatment. Every person who visited me thought I was going to die.

Besides the tragedy of my health, while at school I never had time to concentrate on my books because I was chased away from school since my family was not able to pay for my school fees.  

Little did I know that God was with me in my times of trials and hardships. In 2013, Children’s HopeChest came from nowhere to restore hope into the lives of many orphans and vulnerable children in Nyada–including me. I said, “Glory be to the father who answers the cry of the broken hearted at the point of need.” I couldn’t believe that I would be the person that I am today.

In 2017, I completed my Grade Three Certification of Education from Soroti Core Primary Teachers College. I would like to further more thank the Almighty God for making a big difference in my life. HopeChest is doing incredible things, like supporting my schools fees, medication, and discipleship to mention but a few.

Great thanks also to Children’s HopeChest Uganda for choosing Nyada as one of the potential places that needed partnership where it found me as a beneficiary. I hope to go for a diploma in teaching, attain a degree and become a tutor and bring back my services to the orphans, children, and old people at the community– for God and my CarePoint!