Fueling the Future Series: Julie and Yostín’s HopeChest Friendship Through the Years

Welcome back to the “Fueling the Future” series! We are thrilled to bring you another exciting episode that delves into the significance of investing in today’s youth and empowering the leaders of tomorrow. Today, we have an extraordinary story to share featuring Julie, a dedicated HopeChest partner, and her incredible HopeChest friend, Justin (Yostín), all the way from beautiful Guatemala! 

Their friendship has spanned four remarkable years, filled with boundless support and heartfelt connections. As Justin blossoms into a young adult, their unwavering bond continues to shape his journey in the most profound ways. This episode is a testament to the incredible power of love that transcends language barriers, defies borders, and knows no limits. 

Prepare to be captivated by their inspiring journey as we dive into their nearly five-year friendship, starting from Justin’s initial sponsorship and unfolding into the deeply meaningful relationship they share today. Their story is a testament to the transformative force of friendship, demonstrating how it can bridge gaps and ignite personal growth. 

“Build Relationships. Break Poverty.” is a podcast that challenges the Western perception of international poverty by elevating the voices of local leaders and processing how we can help to alleviate poverty without harming those living in vulnerable communities. 

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