Fueling the Future Series: The DeBruin Family

Welcome back to our “Fueling the Future” series! We’re excited to present another podcast episode that explores the importance of investing in today’s youth and empowering the leaders of tomorrow. In this episode, we have an extraordinary story to share featuring Jen and Dylan DeBruin, a family supporting three HopeChest CarePoints in Uganda. They are committed to the long-term, sustainable development of the Bukedea, Ogoloi, and Ongongoja CarePoints, following the survive, thrive, succeed model. 

During our conversation, Jen and Dylan reflect on their decade-long partnership with HopeChest, discussing the meaningful relationships they have built and how they have become like family to the CarePoints they support. They also share stories about how their own children have had the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures. Most importantly, they highlight the sustainability of their partnership and emphasize the crucial role that young adults play in the communities they serve. These young adults are the catalysts for change, driving transformation and progress.

Join us by diving into this inspiring episode and learn from Jen and Dylan’s journey. Together, we’ll explore the significance of nurturing long-lasting relationships, spreading hope and love, and empowering today’s youth to shape a brighter future.

“Build Relationships. Break Poverty.” is a podcast that challenges the Western perception of international poverty by elevating the voices of local leaders and processing how we can help to alleviate poverty without harming those living in vulnerable communities. 

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