Countries: Uganda

Odudui CarePoint – Core Community Church Church

Odudui CarePoint Empower a Child Odudui community  is located in Arapai Sub-county approximately 12 kilometers from Soroti City, and approximately 336 kilometers  from Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. The community is predominantly dependent on subsistence agricultural production. Families in the community experience water shortage, land conflicts, and food insecurity. Diseases like HIV/AIDS have claimed the lives of …

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Aketa CarePoint – Rock City Church

Aketa CarePoint Empower a Child Aketa CarePoint is a remote village located in Ongongoja, Uganda. Most of the families work in agriculture or trade in the markets eight kilometers away. They grow their own staples including millet, sorghum, cassava, and green beans. The community members support their families with less than a dollar per day, …

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Ongongoja CarePoint – Orphans of Teso

Ongongoja CarePoint Empower a Child Ongongoja is located roughly 450 km from Uganda’s capital, Kampala. Families in the area are reliant on subsistence farming and cattle rearing. Food security is a major concern with many families not having enough food to last between harvests. The community faces challenges in providing basic education to children. Having …

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Ogoloi CarePoint – Orphans of Teso

Ogoloi CarePoint Empower a Child Ogoloi is a community in Uganda that has suffered from insurgency that hit the Teso region in the 1980s and the LRA incursions of 2003, causing destruction of lives, property, and livelihood. As a result, Ogoloi has a large number of child-headed households, school dropouts, and individuals who struggle with …

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Oditel CarePoint

Oditel CarePoint Empower a Child Kapelebyong is located in the Northeastern part of Uganda within the Soroti region. Over the past 50 years it has been heavily affected by the upheaval caused by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), causing multitudes of people to be displaced and faced with devastating circumstances. Because of the vastness of …

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