Fueling the Future

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Series Introduction From HopeChest’s CEO

Welcome to the Fueling the Future Series! The average child we serve is 14 years old. We’re dedicated to empowering the next generation, fostering their growth into leaders who will make a difference in their communities. Join us in this mission of transformation!

Hot Seat Questions With HopeChest’s International Program Department

Join Rachel Andrews, VP of International Operations, and Tesfa Abebe, International Operations Director, as they tackle common questions from sponsors and underscore the significance of investing in teenage and young adult leaders.


Spotlight on HopeChest Russia 

In Russia, 15,000 children leave orphanages yearly aged 15-18, often lacking support for adulthood. Our work prioritizes empowering them with mentorship and life skills, recognizing the crucial investment in this age group. Read to learn more!

Father-Daughter Duo Make an Impact in Uganda

Father-daughter duo Tom and Karissa Boorsma empower youth at Nabukalu CarePoint in Uganda. Inspired by Tom’s visit to Uganda, they highlight the importance of investing in young people through Karissa’s sponsorship at just 14 years old.

Low Resolution Images for Social Media

Download some photo content that could be used to promote your partnership on social media.

A Sponsorship Success Story

This blog features Todd and Lisa Heeter and their former sponsored child Gabriel. Gabriel now works at Children’s HopeChest in Oditel, Uganda, illustrating the transformative power of love, accountability, and relationships.

How to Be a HopeChest Friend to an Older Child

Gain insights from Rich Atalla, a former HopeChest Partnership Leader (HPL) who now supports three youths from the Mision Energes CarePoint in Guatemala. His inspiring story of mutual transformation emphasizes the importance of youth investment.


Launch Card Templates

Download these friendship launch card templates to customize your partnership launch.

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A Pastor’s Perspective on Supporting Young Adults

This blog features Pastor Jim Cords from St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church, which began a new partnership with Chapa CarePoint in Ethiopia. Their focus specifically lies on sponsoring young adults and their commitment to empowering the next generation.


Julie and Yostín’s HopeChest Friendship Through the Years

As the years go on, your relationship with your HopeChest friend will change, and that’s a good thing! Discover Julie and Yostín’s heartwarming journey and be inspired by how their friendship with HopeChest has flourished and evolved over time.

Jen Debruin

Living Life on Mission with the DeBruin Family

Introducing the DeBruin family, champions behind three HopeChest CarePoints in Uganda. Discover their dedication to championing youth, and how their children demonstrate what it means to grow up together while uplifting other children.

The Power of Education

In this blog, we explore the transformative impact of education on the youth we serve, highlighting inspiring stories of Rediet from Aware CarePoint and Yabets from Burayu CarePoint in Ethiopia.

portrait of Atkelt

Leaving a Legacy Through Sponsorship: Atkelt Simon’s Story

In the final blog of the series, we hear form Atkelt Simon. As a former sponsored child now working with HopeChest partners, Atkelt’s story illustrates the transformative impact of sponsorship. With humility and wisdom, he emphasizes the vital importance of supporting teens and young adults.


Dive into the ‘Fueling the Future’ podcast series! Hear stories of resilience, empowerment, and the power of investing in today’s youth; tomorrow’s leaders.

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