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Abenezer’s Children’s Home

Addis Ketema CarePoint

Alade Genet CarePoint

Aware CarePoint

Bole Bulbula CarePoint

Burayu CarePoint

Chapa CarePoint

Enat CarePoint

Hitata Genet CarePoint

Holeta CarePoint

Hosanna Addis Kidan CarePoint

Hosanna Emmanuel CarePoint

I Care For The Nation CarePoint

Jemo CarePoint

Kombolcha CHDA CarePoint

Kombolcha MK CarePoint

Merkato CarePoint

Modjo Genet CarePoint

Onesimus CarePoint

Sebeta Genet CarePoint

Sashamene Betale CarePoint

Sashamene Gofa Sefer CarePoint

Sashamene Wondo Ber CarePoint

Shone Gerbe CarePoint

Shone Yehiwot Berhan CarePoint

Trees of Glory CarePoint

Tullo Yehiwot CarePoint

Ukro CarePoint

Warancha CarePoint

Woliso CarePoint

Woyera Kalihiwot CarePoint